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Louise Mcnaught
Louise Mcnaught


My work hints at the world of myth and folklore, exploring the relationship between humans and animals. The imagery often seems caught somewhere between childhood imagination and adult reasoning, as I gravitate towards using symbolism and allegory in my work.

Artist Biography


Dalgety Bay Annual Art Exhibition, Community Centre, Dalgety Bay (May 2005)

Real Art, Bookham High Street, (June/July 2007)

Art Loco 'The Fringe' Exhibition, Ticehurst (2nd-14th September 2010)

'The Real Thing', West Kent College, Tonbridge (6-8th October 2010)

Wobblybridge 'The Light' Exhibition, Tunbridge Wells (13-16th October 2010)

Wellington Gate, Tunbridge Wells (November 2010)

Wobblybridge 'Winter Exhibition', (16th November 2010 - 29th January 2011)

Bluemoon Gallery, Tunbridge Wells (January 2011 –  March 2011)

Maidstone Museum, (January 26th-5th March)

Artloco Sculpture Exhibition (28th February-19th March)

The Angel Centre, 'Untitled', West Kent College Exhibition (19-29th May 2011)

Artist Influences


The Dadaists and the Surrealists influenced me in my early years as their exploration of the metaphysical really inspired me. Their work has often been described as dream-like and otherworldly, as has mine. My work comes from a spiritual perspective, exploring the idea of the ‘numinous’ and the ‘sublime’. Creativity is essentially a spiritual practice for me. I use traditional techniques of drawing and painting to depict my subject matter, and have recently used incongruous materials such as wallpaper and wood as their elemental patternation lends itself to my work. 

Artist's Artwork
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