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Mark Brereton
Mark Brereton


Working in a photo / graphic style my work takes an artistic approach exploring a visual narrative and satirical humour of daily routine in urban life and physical environments.

Artist Biography

I am a contemporary photo / graphic artist and I regularly use photographs, illustration and drawing  to capture my witty views of modern day life. In showing my work I aim and hope for a connection through humour, storytelling and memories. Influenced by my 80’s childhood – bold primary colours and shapes play an important aspect of the visual repertoire. The initial ideas for artworks take place in the most unusual or unexpected situations. Without a fixed studio I’m happy and most comfy working in a pub, in a market or on a bus. The everyday performs an important aspect in the work/life mix.

The artworks are varied in approach and length of time for completion. Some can be finished within a day and others may take several months or years, overall this reflects my split personality of spontaneity and consuming dedication. I tend to champion the ethos of play and find the importance within the finer detail and things that are often overlooked.

To further my artwork and practice I aspire to exhibit my images to varied audiences and viewers, in doing this I hope to collaborate and connect with diverse environments, subjects and results. You may find my artworks in a comedy club, bar, hospital, church or business. Anywhere that challenges culture and community might be best placed for my visual remedies.

MPhil Photography | MA Digital Arts | BA Hons Graphic Design | Diploma in Photojournalism.

Artist Influences

I am inspired by many different artists including - Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, and Damien Hirst. I admire artists and professionals that are movers, changers and doers.

Artist's Artwork
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