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Nothing is a mistake, Nothing is planned, it just flows from pen to paper

Artist Biography

As a small child, I would always sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper to characterise the world around me.

...While growing up I travelled the world drawing upon different countries and cultures gaining an abundance of influences, the most profound of these would be from the Asian continents. For example, Japanese Art with its classic style, depicting unique fine lined detail, portraying a sense of simplicity, quirkiness and dramatics.

I Graduated from Monash University in Melbourne Australia as a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design, whilst here I found the works of Keith Haring, Alphonse Mucha as well as the satirical comic strips of Charles Schultz, subject matter that also helped to develop my unique style.

In 2002 I was a lecturer at Brockenhurst College teaching Art and Design and Design Technology, during the 4 years I experienced such a challenge that has always been of great influence in my work today. The students I taught were a great inspiration to me and collectively understanding life’s changes in society and different cultures has and will always be in part of my work. 

Becoming a designer taught me a lot about the world of design and illustration. This has been of great influence to me not only in terms of design but also in my fine art practice, using characterised images, simplified shapes, structures and fine line detail.

I have worked with a variety of corporate clients including Mercedes, Azuli records, and other fine established companies stretching including industries like music, clothing and various commission art works. 

In my most recent years, I started to focus purely on my technique, the use of fine lines, attention to detail, flat and layered colours, shapes and different mediums have brought what I do today. 

My most recent motivation for all of this is my family and my mother whom battled terminal cancer and unfortunately died 2 years ago; the outlet I used was my art. Now I am producing pieces that draw you into a world that masks not only what I see, but also what you see within yourself. 

My future lies in continuing my passion, and continuing to follow my dream!

Artist Influences

I admire all sorts of artists, I cannot decide who are my favourites, yet if I ireally decided I would have to say the following: Van Gogh, Alphonse Mucha, Dali, Mike Giant, Frida Kahlo, and Keith Haring.The list would just keep going but i guess I can't.  I also have to say influences from of life and travel have played a massive part in my develoopment as an artist. I tend to see life in a characterised way, and i believe that is how my art is reflected. 

Artist's Artwork
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