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May Jones
May Jones


I am a 2D Artist living and working in Lincolnshire. I have created 2D artwork for the last 20 years. I discovered Acrylic paints in 2006 and now use them extensively. After successfully completing various modules through Hull University. I now work mainly in Mixed media and Collage due to the flexibility it allows.

Artist Biography

When working in Collage I like to create my own papers and use recycled materials whenever possible. Most of the Collage work is Abstract. I am a very experimental Artist and create new work all of the time trying new techniques and products.

I am strongly influenced by the Environment around me. The inspiration for Collage and Painting come from the Colours, Textures and Pattern I find  in the Landscape around me, particularly in Flora. Through my awareness of the surroundings I explore life and regeneration through the changing colours and forms of the annual cycle of growth and it's mortality. In the minutae of Flower head, leaf, petal and seed head observed throughout the year I locate the textures, shape and colours that inspire me. The most recent series in Mixed Media is a selection of “Sunflowers”.  There are 20 – 25 images in this series and still growing. This work sees further exploration with an ever increasing number of textures making use of the patterns in those textures. Layering the textures amongst the layers of paint increases the 3D effect of the 2D artwork. I now make my own colours using Pigments and Acrylic Binder. The colours achieved are much more luminous and deep lending themselves more to my style of work. Once I have completed the image an isolation coat is applied (sometimes 2 or 3 coats), followed by 2 – 3 coats of a removable UVLS protection Varnish. This ensures all work is archival.

Artist Influences

Dorothea Tanning, John piper, Georges Braques, Rex Ray, Guiseppe Arcimboldo, Stanton Macdonald-Wright, Andy Warhole.

Artist's Artwork
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