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Richard Storey
Richard Storey


Richard's life work uses approximations, wandering lines, shimmering tone, drips and movement to describe the human form dynamically. The viewer’s eye compensates for what is incomplete, indicative or indistinct, reassembling these suggestions into complete figures.

Artist Biography

Richard studied life drawing whilst completing a BA at Cambridge University.  

On graduating he started work, with an advertising agency and now works for Maurice and Charles Saatchi.

Richard's studio is in West London, but he frequently draws in Sydney and his work hangs in collections from Cape Town to Chelsea.

His interest is in capturing the living, breathing and sometimes moving aspect of the model.  His work favours the dynamic and approximate rather than the static and precise.


Artist Influences

Ironically, I love the work of Euan Uglow.  He captures the life within his figure work through a process of meticulous measurement and calibration. The very opposite of my approach in many ways.


Artist's Artwork
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