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Untitled Art Fair 2011

With the creation of the new blog page, it is only fitting we mention what we consider one of highlights of the art calendar, The Untitled Artists Fair, and appropriate for our first event blog entry.

The fair is held in the beautiful setting of Chelsea Old Town Hall along Kings Road, London. We went along to the fair in June 2011, we were in the early stages of development with Phoenix Art Gallery and looking forward to talking to many of the talented artists that were exhibiting at the fair.
We were impressed with the huge variety of work that was exhibited, from contemporary sculpture to traditional oil paintings. This breath of art may not be surprising, the event boasts up to 170 artists selling over the 3 day period and as many as 75OO Visitors in its 21 hours of opening. We spent hours there talking to the artists discussing their work, their influences/inspirations and importantly their aspirations for their work.

Let us know what you thought of the fair...

30th Jan 2012


  1. polly470 polly470 says:

    Although I haven't yet been to the fair, I am exhibiting there this year, from 1st to 4th of June, and I am truly excited!

  2. shannon shannon says:

    well i showed a few years back and felt that while the organiser was freindly enough there were serious issues with overcrowding, the private view was terrible with many of my invitees leaving because of a huge queue to get in and then being asked for their emails etc as the organiser not happy with making an absolute mint wanted to harvest our contacts for his own marketing so not happy - others may feel differently though...

  3. HEvans156 HEvans156 says:

    I went to the fair this year and saw some amazing artists. Would definitely recommend going next year!

  4. PhoenixArtGallery PhoenixArtGallery says:

    Thank you very much Shannon for these really useful comments, this may provide insight to other artists that are thinking of displaying their work at the next fair. All the best, Phoenix Art Gallery.

  5. shannon shannon says:

    You're welcome. Like I say others may (no doubt will) have a much more positive view. I think its a shame it went the way it did for me as I would have been OK with paying a lot of money for the space, would have accepted my lack of sales as the risk one takes etc. etc. but the fact that the guests most likely to buy my work walked away due to the cattle herding exercise that preceded the private view (some of my friends waited 2 hours in a huge queue - to then be asked for their email addresses when finally in the building) - was what stung most. On another note I have applied to show my portfolio on your site. Regards, Shannon

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