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Why Phoenix Art Gallery?

If you would like more information regarding Phoenix Art Gallery, may we draw your attention to the 'information' tab at the top of the page. But let us take the opportunity to provide a summary of some of the advantages of the gallery.


For the artist...

1. There are no hidden costs, no joining fees and no annual subscription fees to present your artwork with the gallery. We retain only a 20% commission of anything that is sold with us. Please feel free to look at the competition, this is an extremely low commission rate.

2. We do not require exclusivity of our artists, you can market and advertise your work via other channels, we only ask that you do not sell your work at a lower price elsewhere and if you do sell your work, you must update your profile immediately with our gallery so we do not market any unavailable work to our customers.

3. You can upload as much artwork as you like, there are absolutely no restrictions.  


 For the customer....

1.  Phoenix Art Gallery is an easy to use online gallery. We have comprehensive search functions on the site, so you can find the arwork that is perfect for you with ease.

2. There are no hidden costs when purchasing artwork, the price stated is the exact price to pay, not a penny more.  

3. Purchasing through the gallery is safe as all payment details are secured via paypal.  

4. We have fast delivery times, from point of purchase the artist has 7-days to package and deliver the artwork to you via courier/recorded delivery.

5. We know buying artwork online may be difficult without viewing it in person first, therefore we offer a 21-day returns policy. 

30th Jan 2012

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